• Elite Home Improvement and Design

    Serving All of Metro Atlanta

  • Let us handle all of your lawn maintenance needs from weekly to bi-weekly service

    Residential & Commercial Lawn Maintenance Schedule monthly or yearly lawn maintenance custom tailored to your property needs and budget.

    If you are the type of person that wants to have a lawn immediately, than sod may be the answer.

    We provide residential and commercial properties with elegant and expressive tile setting services.

    Our cleaning crew are experts at handling all size jobs from your home or business

    Your office building is the face of your company. To keep your organization at its best, we provide commercial cleaning services of the highest standards, we help provide a clean, healthy environment for you and your employees that is done to your complete satisfaction. Simply put, we care about clean and it shows in our work, our people, our accountability to you, and our commitment to delivering on our word, every day.

  • We're the premier Home Improvement Service in your area. We are here to make your home or office run as it should – beautifully! We work from 8am to 6pm plus evenings and Saturdays. Our multi-skilled employees are always on hand to help, at a time that suits you.

  • We offer residential and commercial lawn care and landscaping services in the Atlanta and Metro Atlanta area. We specialize in lawn maintenance, design, installation, and seasonal treating. Call us today for a free quote at (770) 580-3240.

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  • Elite Home Improvement and Design cleaning services provides professional residential and commercial cleaning to the greater Metro Atlanta area. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, we provide cleaning services that are very flexible to fit your schedule and are experienced in cleaning a variety of different sized buildings. Elite Home Improvement and Design strive to provide thorough janitorial services that are up to your standards.

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  • Elite Home Improvement & Design can help you install any type of tile floor and we specialize in ceramic tile installations.


    Ceramic tile installation is not as simple as it sounds, anyone can glue tile in place and grout over it. It may even last a couple of years.


    We have installed many ceramic floors and take pride in our work. We make sure that the tile looks good, that all the line are straight, that the grout looks even and that the wall or floor is level.  

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